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What Makes A Successful Business Name?

Prosperity Names guaranteeAt Prosperity Names we are experts at determining which business name idea provides you with the maximum opportunity for financial success in business.

Everyone wants a huge profit but which business name gives you this chance?

At Prosperity Names we bring extreme clarity to this process for you. We help you choose a business name by harnessing the power of Yantra Yoga. By using Yantra Yoga we can determine exactly which business name gives you the greatest possibility for monetary success.

Yantra Yoga is the original science of numerology. Yantra Yoga is a mathematical science that has been used for thousands of years... since time immemorial.

Using Yantra Yoga's ancient and powerful wisdom, we have created an online "Business Name Idea Review" tool that will immediately analyze the letters in your business name idea. Our online tool will then instantly determine the mathematical value of the name.

There are only a handful of mathematical values that are ideal for success in business.

What this means to you is that based on the mathematical value of your business name we can, without hesitation, determine if it is one of the few values that will repel or attract success.

Due to the fact this is a mathematical science, our online "Business Name Idea Review" tool is essentially a calculator. But instead of adding numbers, our online tool adds the vowels and consonants in your business name!

To give you an example of how it works, imagine I said to you that 2 + 2 = 5. You would reply that this is incorrect. If I said 2 + 2 = 4 then you would say that it is correct.

Our "Business Name Idea Review" tool works in much the same way. If the mathematical value of your business name equals one of the best numerological values for success in business then you will be told so.

Our tool can also be used when choosing a brand name, trade name, title of a book, slogan, motto, domain name, product name, service name... and the list goes on. Our service is beneficial for anything that requires a name.

When you choose Prosperity Names, you increase your chances for maximum profit and success.


"Dear Yogi, Since starting a business a few months ago, my investment in your service is some of the best money I've spent. I refer to your site almost daily for the various product—naming needs I have.

Many things factor into the success (or not) of small businesses, but at least I know my business has the best name vibrations for making money. Thanks!"

  • TB, Los Angeles, CA
  • Member since 2007

"As a webmaster, choosing good domain names is an important part of my business. I do believe that names have vibration which can affect the outcome of my business. is a fabulous and unique tool that has enabled me to choose the perfect domain names for my biz. Before this utility existed, I used to spent hundreds of dollars to have someone check the vibration names manually for me. Now, for just a one time membership fee I can use this tool as often as I need. I Love it!"

  • Shirley, USA
  • Member since 2007

Business Name Tools

We offer you 24 / 7 / 365 / lifetime access to:

  • "Business Name Idea Review"
    An easy to use online tool that reviews your business name ideas to determine if the name will attract or repel business success — view sample
  • "Abbreviation Calculator"
    Easily and quickly determine which abbreviation is the best for your business.
  • "When To Start Your Business"
    A list of the best days to start your business (updated daily) — learn why this is important
  • "Ideal Prices"
    Learn how to effectively price products and services. Additonally, receive a fully functioning price analyzer that confirms if you are charging a good price — view sample
  • "Psychological Motivator"
    Information about 6 psychological motivators that make people buy — this is valuable information!
  • "Succeeding Online"
    Some useful tips for succeeding online as written by Yogi Karmanada who has been working online since 1993.

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You Need Prosperity Names If You...

  • Need business name ideas
  • Need help creating a new business name
  • Need help creating powerful domain names
  • Need help creating cool business names and/or catchy business names
  • Need help creating brand names, trade names, product names, service names or book titles
  • Want a business name tool that helps you determine exactly which business name has the greatest chance for success in business

Choosing a successful business name is part of a good business strategy, business marketing and successful business planning.

Our business consulting service is specifically designed for small businesses but is also suitable for medium to large businesses.

Prosperity Names is absolutely ideal for those starting a business.

About Us

Customers of Prosperity Names are served by Swami Harinanda and Yogi Karmananda.

Swami Harinanda was taught the science of Yantra Yoga by Swami Gitananda in the 1950's.

Yogi Karmananda was then taught the science by Swami Harinanda in 1996.

Together, they have successfully helped thousands of people achieve harmony in life by applying the science of yantra yoga to life in general.

Sadly, Swami Harinanda passed away in August, 2014. Many of the swami's free lessons can still be found at the Real Yoga web site. Yogi Karmananda spends his time freely helping people obtain the personal benefits of a "wise name" based on the science of Yantra Yoga.

In terms of business, both Swami Harinanda and Yogi Karmananda have successfully operated their own businesses. Yogi Karmananda has been working online since 1993 and has much knowledge and experience to share. Yogi Karmananda personally programmed the business name analyzer.

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