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You Need Prosperity Names If You...

  • Need business name ideas
  • Need help creating a new business name
  • Need help creating powerful domain names
  • Need help creating cool business names and/or catchy business names
  • Need help creating brand names, trade names, product names, service names or book titles
  • Want a business name tool that helps you determine exactly which business name has the greatest chance for success in business

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Prosperity Names provides you with a hassle free, no question asked 30 day money back guarantee

At Prosperity Names, we help you by providing you with absolute clarity in terms of choosing which of your business name ideas to use.

Best of all, when you order Prosperity Names Business Name Tools, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction, or your money is completely and fully refunded! We're not joking either...

We provide you with exceptional value and best of all, our 30 day, hassle free, no question asked, 100% total refund policy ensures we deliver what we promise or your money is returned to you.

If you are not satisfied with our service, then you can ask for a full refund at any time within 30 days of purchasing.

We are absolutely positive you will find our service to be totally beneficial. You simply will not find a more affordable service that provides so much value. Let's face it, when you consider this to be an investment that can help your business make hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars, then that's a deal and a half.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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Business Name Tools:

We provide you with the following Business Name Tools:

Business Name Idea Review

  • This is our flagship service!
  • This tool will help bring clarity to choosing a business name.
  • Use this tool to not only determine if your business name idea is good but also your domain name, the name of your product or services, title of your book, slogan, seminar name, etc.
  • You can basically use this tool for anything that needs a name or a title in any aspect of your business.

Abbreviation Calculator

  • After creating a successful business name using the Business Name Idea Review tool you can then analyze the abbreviation of your names.
  • An abbreviation is a sub—influence only yet it can have a powerful impact on a business.
  • If you are choosing between 2 or more names, then the abbreviation of one name might be a factor in determining which name to use.

When To Start Your Business

  • Due to our understanding of Yantra Yoga, we are able to determine which day is the best day to officially start your business.
  • There are 9 yearly cycles and ideally you want your business to start in the first cycle. This allows your business to grow properly.
  • Access this page to learn what dates are best for officially starting your business.

Ideal Prices

  • Using the power of Yantra Yoga again, we know that certain values help encourage people to buy more than other values.
  • When you effectively price you will help increase your sales.
  • We will easily teach you how to determine if the price is ideal or not.

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Incredible Value:

For just $44, here are the exact benefits you receive:

  • 24/7/365/lifetime access to our Business Name Tools
  • Your membership is lifetime. No annual fees required. You can use our service for the next 100 years and never pay again!
  • Our Business Name Idea Review tool will bring clarity and help you determine exactly which business name idea to use.
  • Use our Business Name Idea Review tool as often as you want, whenever you want. You have unlimited access and unlimited use.
  • Have complete access to our business name Abbreviation Calculator.
  • Learn When To Start Your Business.
  • Learn what the Ideal Prices are.
  • Learn 6 Psychological Motivators that encourage people to buy.
  • Learn some tips to Succeeding Online as written by Yogi Karmananda who has been working online since 1993.

Psychological Motivators

  • Learn 6 psychological buying motivators.
  • Understanding these 6 psychological buying motivators will allow you to better write advertisements or descriptions to help increase sales.
  • There are specific motivators that make people buy. When you understand what they are, you will increase sales.
  • Big companies know these 6 psychological buying motivators, do you?

Succeeding Online

  • Some thoughts about how to succeed online as written by Yogi Karmananda who has been working online since 1993.

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Why So Affordable?

Prosperity Names provides you with a hassle free, no question asked 30 day money back guaranteeThis service is affordable because it is self serve.

Since this is a self service operation, we can substantially reduce our prices.

Before the creation of our Business Name Idea Review online tool, we (Swami Harinanda and Yogi Karmananda) could only do personalized consulting. To pay for both of our time and expertise, our fee for personalized consulting is $1500.

We realize this is too expensive for many and so we set forth to create a self service program that would allow you to serve yourself. Thus the creation of our Business Name Idea Review tool.

Now, small businesses and indivuals can harness the same expertise that bigger or more established companies could previously only afford.

Our Business Name Idea Review tool will determine for you which name is good and which name is bad, based on the science of Yantra Yoga, the original form of numerology.

Since our Business Name Idea Review tool does this automatically, all that you are required to do is enter your business name ideas. If your business name idea is not good, you will be told so. You then make some changes to your business name idea and try again.

Our Business Name Idea Review tool is like a dishwasher. With a dishwasher, you still need to load and unload the dishes, but the dishwasher does the cleaning for you. So it is with our Business Name Idea Review tool. You enter your business name ideas and the program will tell you if the name is good or bad.

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